Sunday, December 30, 2012

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Getting Started Inside the C Class "Tiny House" RV

My desire is to turn our C Class RV into a "tiny house" on wheels. It will also double as a "bug out" vehicle.

Where do I begin?

So this past Friday morning (yesterday, 12/28/12) I tore out a ton of wood and cabinets and "junk" from our C class RV. I need to tear out the inside walls and then make sure there are no roof leaks. Once I finish, I'll make sure that the electrical, plumbing & such are in good working order. For the time being, I plan on leaving the bathroom, shower, fridge, stove & sink with only minor beautification of them. The rest of the "tiny house" RV will be gutted & redone nearly from scratch.

The girls room, will have 2 daybeds that have 22.5"x75" split/dual mattresses. When they turn the daybed into night-time sleeping quarters, the 2 mattresses will cover the room from wall to wall. In the following months to come, photos will help!

I'm not sure what to do for my two boys but they may have a loft bedroom above the girls but I'm still in the planning stage. This would mean dropping the girl's ceiling from 6'6" to 5'9" & cutting a hole in their ceiling & adding a few feet of height to the back of the RV. Still trying to decide.

My wife & I will have a mini-bed where the kitchen table will also go. The opposite wall will house a wall mounted TV. We will have a curtain to enclose our "bedroom" (or something similar).

The "loft" over the cab will be for storage & such (at least this is the current plan).

I will post pictures as I remodel the rv/tiny house. The "theme" colors & motif will be of light colored pine & possibly bamboo flooring.

I hope/plan to put a 4' x 7.5' porch on the back of the RV with a foldout addition of 3-4'.

Gabe (my 6 yr old) and me (Glen)
Gabe, the RV "trash" and the RV
Deb (my lovely wife), Gabe & the front room
The back room "girl cave" (just gettin' started"